In Need of Grace

In my humanity, I remain fallen
I try to stand but I can’t
In me lies no good thing
So I lay in shame
I soak in my choices
Drenched with guilt
I’m left with no other choice but to point and blame

I’m here
I’m in the place that I thought was best for me
I hide only to find out You still can see me
They see me
I listened to voices that cannot bring me out
I’m stuck
There is this other voice that I hear though…
Could it be?
A soft presence begins to greet me in the mud
My tears create puddles
“Get up my child”
I begin to follow these words that are nearby
Each step reminds me of the print that is on my life
I swiftly look around
I spin wondering where this voice can be found
I look with anticipation 
There is someone here for me
I draw near
A divine love meets me with open arms
I gaze up
I jump
With a warm embrace, I smile as a slow tear crawls down my cheek
I have returned home
The voices that I once heard are now harmonies of Forgiveness’ song
I dance
I sing
These hands that I hold heal what had once crippled me
I stand
Empowered to be all that You called me to be
That’s grace!

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