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If you are looking for a guest speaker for an event I am your guy. If you are looking for a guest writer for a project or a blog, I am also your guy. Don’t hesitate to reach out fam!

If you want to connect with me directly, hit my email, or connect with me on social media. I look forward to hearing from you!

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One thought on “Let’s get in touch

  1. I thank God for stumbling across your blog and testimonies on your life situations. Many of them have spoken directly to me and situations that I have encountered in life. One in particular right now is me dealing with my current relationship and both me and my boyfriend feeling and having this calling and understanding from God that we need to currently be apart from each other so that we can grow for ourselves. Us both being very spiritual individuals know that we must obey, it’s just a weird feeling that we know we must act on. We both know that only good will come from the situation, whether it be us with different partners in the future or God leading us back to each other. We’re both being patient and just trusting in God.

    So my question for you, after reading your blog where you speak about your relationship with your wife is what was it like for you in the meantime of you all being apart? I’m sure you didn’t expect for you all to get back together after y’all were disconnected for so long. Can you explain how that was for you?

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