The day I stopped believing in god

It was a day I will never forget
I found myself in search of feeling for you
But you weren’t there

My throat became parched
The tears dried up

There I lied
Telling myself that I cannot go on
Knowing the time had now come
I could no longer run

The idol that stood on the throne of my heart
Was being cast down
I didn’t like it
But it was time

I had to finally let go to find myself
My heart beat at an unfamiliar rate
Surrounded by white cement walls
I fell on top of my bed

For 17 years, I had lived as a terrible god
Money, sex, lying, stealing
Living as an imposter among so many
I was beginning to see

I was beginning to feel
As the layers were being peeled back
A new power was forming
I could no longer run

Why me?
Why now?
Why today?

Save me from me, I cried out
I took a picture
Blurry as could be
This would become my Kodak moment

The moment I stopped believing in god
The moment I stopped being my own god
The moment I would turn to the One true living God
I will never forget this moment, and neither should you forget yours

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