Pick Up Your Cross

Pick Up Your Cross

The heaviness of my heart belongs to You Lord
You bore my sins, carried my grief and sorrow
You became one of us so that we could become like You

This weight I hold is not mine to carry alone
Even toward Golgaltha, You gave opportunity for one of us to carry the cross
Today, You stop, pause, in weariness and say, let’s do this together

I walk up this hill of life
What sometimes look like death
I know when I help You stand up the cross
Darkness will rise
But it will not overcome
Because You won
You defeated death

Death did not have the last say
Even when You were at rest
You were still at work
From the depths of Sheol
You rescue
From the depths of my soul
You make new

Together, we find new life
Not easy life, but nonetheless, new life
And I’ll discover who I am as I journey this world with Your spirit in me
Spirit within me
Teach me to number my days
Help me to not miss out on the opportunity to love

So I’ll rock this Jesus piece
And my Jesus clothes
Reminding myself what You did for me
Reminding myself of who You called me to be

I’ll continue to get up
Because You got up for me

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