Staying Faithful When It’s Hard

Faithfulness is a byproduct of being committed to something. A commitment is when you choose to be fully in mentally, emotionally and perhaps spiritually and physically. Throughout my life when I choose to commit to something, I am usually faced with immediate challenges. I know many of you may be thinking, that could be a matter of perspective. While this could be true, I believe a test comes after you’ve been given an assignment. 

Think back if you will to school. Remember when your teacher would give out the first assignment of the semester? That first assignment would be the first of many worksheets that would build up to a test. I’m not sure if you thought like that but each assignment given was a build up to understand all that went into the first big test of the semester. Perhaps, making a commitment and being faithful is the same way.

Recently, I made a commitment. I won’t go into detail about the commitment I made. However, since I’ve made the commitment I’ve been faced with many challenges to combat my commitment. I want to say that’s okay, I expected this but being in what I am in, battling through my commitment, remaining faithful, I actually didn’t expect it to be this hard.

Me being faithful and committed doesn’t depend all on me, but it depends on the One who has called me to my assignment(s) to face my test.

I once read this in a book, “pay attention to what is going on inside of you. God is communicating with you that change needs to happen.”  – Pete Scazzero When I am going through struggles, battles, and challenges, my prayer is for God to continue to do a work in my heart, in my soul and in my mind. If it has to be hard, that’s okay, God is at work and in control. I believe He wants the best for my life so I trust Him through the good and through the hard.

There is this theological term called, sanctification and sanctification my friends, is the process that believers go through to become more Christ-like. God wants to conform us into the image of Christ (See Rom 8:28-29). Being conformed can sound like this is an overnight, easy thing to go through. I’m here to share that it is not an easy, overnight thing.

Being conformed into His image deals with God working through layers of your life so that you can reflect His image on earth.

I’ll finish with this: “If you move forward, and take the leap of faith that God is impressing on your spirit, you will find that God is with you and behind you. His grace is sufficient for your time of need and His power will sustain your every move.” – Pete Scazzero Even though it may be hard right now, God’s grace is sufficient in your time of need. He is with you always!

I have peace and confidence in the One who created the Heavens and the Earth. I believe that His plan is much better than my plan. Therefore, I am okay with being built up through assignments to be ready for certain test that comes my way. The test results from working through my assignments, I pray will return with God saying, “Well done beloved. You’ve kept the course, you’ve finished the race, you remained faithful to what I called you to. Celebrate and rejoice in Me.”

God bless you!

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