Walking Through the Valley

Water lines coming down my face.
Walking through a dark and deserted place.

Dim light in front of me.
Shadow behind me.
What a reflection.
Which direction?

Melodies in my head.
Singing, “we’ve come this far by faith.”
Wondering what’s it going to take?
More faith?

Deep, deep in need.
I plead…

Father, take this cup from me?
Nevertheless, not my will but always Yours.
I know this.
But I don’t want to go through this.

Cup empty.
Faith on E.

The imbalance clouds the journey.
My shadow fades.
Dim light behind me.

All I got is His Spirit within me…

Nothing I’ve done says I deserve this.
This is not punishment.
Attack, after attack.
The Lord got my back.

Lifted from hearing my own dragging steps.
Laid back, holding on tight to my Shepherd.

Dim light rises over the horizons.
Out of my own resources,
So I connect to the source.

Vine to branch,
Branch to Vine.

‘Abide with me.
Stay rooted.
A well that never runs dry.
Thirst no more.’

Low hanging fruit,
Easy to be reached.
Produced through the early morning midst.
Awakened to trust and believe.

All my days,
Deserves to give Him praise!
Faced with the light of the noon hour.
Vegetation and delight.

Keep walking.
Keep talking.

Turn around and see.

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