Growing up in the inner city of Ypsilanti, MI there was something about finding friends in the neighborhood. I can remember moving to a new neighborhood, getting on a bike, riding down the street anxious to see what kids were on my block. This is how I’ve found many of my friends that I call my brothers today.

Brotherhood, is a component of being in community. Brotherhood means to connect with other human beings and share in relations with one another. For me, brotherhood is something I cherish. During life’s most challenging moments I know for certain I can reach out to one of my boys and they would be there to support and encourage. 

Question I have for you: What does your community look like for you? Do you have brotherhood or sisterhood in your life?

Laughter, tears, games, serious talks, long nights, early mornings define what brotherhood looks like in my life. You and I, we need people in our life that we can call, spend time with, be vulnerable and share hard truths to one another. Too often, we hold in our pain or we wait until we are about to blow up to reach out.

Our community should be so tight knit that when you and I are having an off day, someone notices and asks, is everything alright?

As a participant in a trusting community you have to be open and honest at all times. One of the challenges for you and I, is when we individually go through something tough; will we push into community or back away from community?

I hope as you reflect on what community looks like in your life, that you consider to think through your friendships, brotherhood/sisterhood. If you don’t have a community, consider serving at a non-profit, becoming a mentor for after school programs, joining a small group at a church or serving some where locally in your community.

Never do life alone. Find the accountability and friendship you need. Life is too precious to not spend it with other people. In fact, you and I were designed to be relational with other human beings.

Question for you: What are some of the ways you enjoy community or maybe what challenges do you face as you seek to live in community?


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