Desire the Greater Gifts!

I believe the gifts God has given us is exactly what we need. What happens when we look outward first at others is we begin to walk away from the full potential of our God given gifts.

Looking outward at the gifts of others will place you and I on an island of comparison. An island where we will begin to believe other’s gifts should be ours and the the gifts we’ve been given aren’t valuable.

An outward view of comparison of gifts leads to believing the gifts you have will never measure up.

This my friend is a lie from satan!

As believers in Christ, we all have been given the same Spirit. However, there is a manifestation given to each person according to what God believes we should have. (See 1 Cor 12:7)

What this means for us is we need to first keep our focus Upward (on God), which will lead to living out the Inward (walking in who God has created us to be), and as a result others will be touched, impacted, and blessed by our Outward life (our gifts being used to bring change).

May we continue go desire Jesus. For He is our greatest gift! He is the way in which we should walk.

The gifts that we are given is not just for our good…

They are for the good of others so that they can see the greatest gift…


Let our eyes stay fixed on Him and not on the gifts of others!

4 thoughts on “Desire the Greater Gifts!

  1. Very well written, love! What a great reminder that we are all created in God’s image, but all have unique gifts to give Him glory. It’s easy to compare, but knowing that the gift you have is just for you, is that much more rewarding!

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