In the Middle of the Fortress

There I am. 

Breathing too hard to understand
Eyes paling
Loud thunder above
Mind renting space to the surrounding forces

Here I am.

The ground shakes…
Body broken from the journey
The soul feels…
My voice reveals

There He is.

Joshua… Joshua…
The voice whispers as the trees blow
‘Be strong and courageous’
There is an army fighting on your behalf

Here He is.

I go before you.
I stand behind you.
I am in you.
I am you.

He Speaks!

Lightning strikes!
The bushes ignite…
Rise up my soldier!
Look around

Together We Stand!

We cry out to you!
Shake the dust off your uniform
Grab your shield
Pick back up what has been spoken over you


A bucket full of tears
Each one has a story
Each one has a prayer
Each one has a song!


Slow breaths
Reach out your hands
Smell the beauty
Feel the strength


Toes in the soil
Boots to the right
Footprints ahead
This is the way…

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