New Sexuality


One of the main tenets of Transformation Church is that all of life is worship. All of life is worship; not just a few parts, but all parts of life are worship. Even in our struggles and pains that we face in life, we are to lift all of these up to God; not just a few of our struggles, but all of them. We are to sing praises to God for all of our joys; not just a few of those joys, but all of them. All of life is worship.

However, even when we know and believe this to be true, the subject of our sexuality and how it relates to our relationship with God, ourselves, and others, can feel at odds with God’s word and the culture we live in. Accepting Jesus’ redemption while dealing with the emotional consequences, or “scar tissue” as Pastor Derwin puts it, of past decisions, actions, or our upbringing can create a lasting impact on our views of sex.

As Christians, we end up carrying this part of our emotional baggage into our relationships and marriages without having a clear path on how to discuss this significant part of our humanity with others and even with God.

Yet, sex is a part of our humanity, and if we are to worship God fully, this means that our sexuality is a part of that worship. The main goal with our sexuality is not whether we abstain from pre-marital sex, make ourselves physically available to our spouse, or participate in celibacy while single. These are all good things “to do,” but they don’t signify acts of worship. Worshipping God through our sexuality has to be intentional. This intentionality starts with the heart and moves to the mind, which then leads to the body.

Our treatment of our bodies is a direct reflection of God’s Spirit moving in us so that we physically respond to what is in our hearts and in our minds.

The beauty is in believing that God made sexuality a part of who we are as humans. In doing so, He gave us a choice to follow in His word or choose our own way, just like every other part of our humanity. The comfort is in knowing that even when we fall short, He is there to pick us up and redeem us of our short-comings. There is no condemnation, but there is forgiveness. There is no judgment, but there is love. There is no separation, but there is reconciliation.

If we can accept our sexuality for what it is – another part of God’s amazing plan for each of us – we can accept that this, too, is a part of our journey and that we each need support, love, and guidance from God and one another in order to become healthy Christians, with healthy relationships, who love God completely, love ourselves correctly, and love others compassionately. (Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-15;17-20, Romans 12:1-2, Galatians 6:1-2, Matthew 5:27-30, Matthew 19:3-6, and Ephesians 5:25-27;33.)

P.S. Thank you Silvana Lewis for eloquently sharing and recapping on God’s heart for sexuality!

To listen or watch the full message, click here – > New Sexuality

P.S.S: It is a must watch! Trust me! 🙂

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