Echoes of the Garden

Many, many years ago in the garden, Adam and Eve were faced with a choice. God had let Adam and Eve know early on that there was a tree they were not to choose. The serpent, also known as the enemy, who is wise, deceitful and manipulative made Eve believe that God was withholding something good from her and husband.

Still to this day, we believe the same lie.

In the cool of the garden
A friendly creature approached nigh
Knowing there was an opportune
The friendly creature began to spit game

Surely you will not die
You can have power just like your Creator
The knowledge of good and evil
Just take a bite

Their hearts began to beat fast
Eyes wide open
With one look, they looked at each other and screamed,
“What are those???”

So they hid
Fig leaves and all
To try and cover up
The worst decision of all

When you feel like you are missing out on something, and you, knowing that this something is not particularly good for you; what usually happens, you choose the not so good choice.

You and I are just like Adam and Eve. We are tempted and drawn to those things that are enticing. Only to discover, what’s enticing, is not all that it is cracked up to be. We make decisions and then try to hide and cover them up.

The echoes of the garden are always trying to find its way back into our lives. But you and I, we know of a greater Adam, who conquered the enemy on the cross, silenced his voice, and gave us the power to do the same.

May our roots grow deep so that we can be a bountiful garden always choosing the best choice: Jesus!

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