Don’t Settle In Your Set Back


I know you thought your dream would happen easy. You’ve been pushing hard to take your dreams to the next level. You have been making connections, being consistent, staying committed but some how life is not giving you back the same energy. 

I’ve been there. I have been in the place where it felt like I was doing everything I needed to be doing to be successful, but yet and still nothing was happening.I have even been to the point where I exhausted all of my resources and I was left with exhausted energy. 

Have you ever been there? Are you there now? My friend, what do you do when you are doing what you believe needs to be done, but nothing is changing? Do you give up? Do you say forget it?

I am here to say, don’t settle in your set back. I know you have heard this before, “a set back is a set up for a major comeback.” I have heard it before. In fact, I believed in this philosophy. For some it works, for others, it is just another saying. To me, a set back is when you have been doing what needs to be done, and nothing tends to be working out.

Set backs make us stronger and wiser. In order to become stronger and wiser, you have to be willing to take a step back and reflect. If something is not working out in my life, if something isn’t developing or changing the way I desire for it to change, I take a step back and ask questions. (Why? How come? Why not?) I take a step back and look at each area of my life. 

Self-reflection is a great tool to see what areas need to be improved and this is a great time to figure out what can be done differently.

Your set back that you are facing right now may be the very thing you need to get you to where God wants you to be in life.

Set backs don’t have to be negative. I don’t know why we believe, that if something is not going the way we need them to go, that some how we are on the wrong path. This is far from being true. Sometimes all we need to do is adjust, make some changes and see areas we need to improve in. A set back is simply a time for you to realize something needs to change. Setbacks do not have to take up a lot of energy and time.

Your come back per say is nothing more than you understanding that everything in life does not come as easy as it may seem.

Don’t settle my friend. You may be closer than you think. Work smart. Be strategic. Ask questions. Keep pushing. God’s got you. Now is not a time for settling. You got this. I know you do. You were built for times and moments like these.

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