This One Is For You


As I lay awake, nocturnal as you would say,
I sit here and listen to your thoughts.

You were free spirited, exploring life with your words.

You meant well,
But well, life didn’t mean the same.

You understood how to balance the unbalanced.
To continue to move forward at all cost.
You knew that if for one second, if you gave up,
Hope would do the same.

As the heart aches, the heartbreaks,
And yours broke and bled.
You were not afraid to be you.
You could care less how others judged you.

So much pain you endured.
So much weight you carried.

Darkness crept in, and your light kept shining.

You are a beast.
Inspirational and wicked with the words.

Your words were motion on a canvas,
Moving to its beat.
You expressed your art as apart of your soul.
You let us in.

Now it is time for you to fly my baby.

Your beauty has now grown its wings.
You fly high, and you soar.
You love from above.
Your radiance glows,
And as the wind blows,
We are reminded you are among us.

You taught us how to love.
You taught us how to smile bright.
You showed us that energy is your light.
You let us know we are to fight.
So now it is only right,
That you my friend, hold on to what is right.

Samarco blood.

We bleed for you.
We cry for you.
We feel all your pain, and we cry.

We cry even more.
And we allow our tears to be filled with your memories.
Each drip is for you.
And these buckets that are filled,
We wash away the bad.

May His angels carry you through,
And bring you through the gates,
Turning you away from this dark and dying world.

Enjoy the journey to your new life.
While we are here,
We will keep on painting what you left for us.

Our canvas is our life,
And our brush are our actions.

We paint, we move, we sing, and we dance.

Because this one,
This one is for you.

Love you, Aunt Frances!


One thought on “This One Is For You

  1. Beautiful.

    Brenda Morris

    Superior Property Management

    Assistant Property Manager

    207 Hawthorne Av.

    St. Joseph, MI 49085


    Fax: 269.983.5678

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