Remember Your Story


11/10/15 – Today, I realized I am living out a dream. A dream that I remember envisioning as a teen. I knew God had big plans for my life and a huge calling for me to walk into, I just didn’t know how God would get me there and to where I am today.

I am so thankful to know He cared about my future even when I struggled to see past my present situation as a troubled teen.

Growing up in the hood and being from the inner city, there were so many moments where I was hopeless. Being surrounded by negativity, influenced to do wrong and actively participating in bad choices, there were times where I thought, this is how my life will continue to be.

At the age of 16, I was selling weed at school, smoking weed before school, smoking before basketball games, getting drunk, skipping school, grades were at an all time low, emotionally unstable, on probation and ready to give up on a promising future.


Today, I am a pastor, a high school basketball coach, a teacher at a college, a mentor, leader, college graduate and a husband. I share this because often as teens, we cannot see past our current struggles. We can’t see past our current false reality.

I am here to let you know, God can bring change, He can help you overcome, and He can get you out of your mess. It’s going to take some sacrifice, getting with the right people and letting go of the wrong people.

God has huge plans for you. Believe it, pray on it and act on it.

God bless you


P.S.  Always be willing to share your story and your personal victories in life. Someone needs to hear them.


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