Give Her A Ring Or Move On!


Give her a ring or move on. Bold huh? Not really. This is something I had to wrestle with. This is something I had to do. There is a Scripture in the Bible that says: “When I was a child, I thought as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things.”

Back Story:

I became an unashamed born-again Christian at the age of 17. Before the age of 17, I was a full-blown immature child. When it came to relationships with the opposite sex, I was no good. I struggled. Lying, manipulating, poor treatment and just doing whatever I wanted.

I didn’t grow up with great representations of how a young man should treat a lady. I learned how to treat women from the movies I watched, from my boys and what I thought in my head was right. So when God got a hold of me at 17, I knew there were many changes to be made. Starting with my view on love, relationships and women. 

For many years, I was destroying relationships because I wasn’t getting to the root of my problems.

From the ages of 17 – 24 my relationship with God began to grow and develop. I was intentional on seeking Him. I was intentional on learning how to understand His word and actually apply the word to my daily living. Although I was intentional on growing with God, there was not a lot of intentionality and effort being put forth on how to develop a healthy relationship with a woman. My maturation process of growing from a boy to a man was slowly beginning to happen.

As I was in this stage of maturation, God began to reveal to me, that I had a lot baggage from my past that I needed to hand over to Him. During these 7 years of maturing, learning, struggling and growing, I had to learn the hard way that a person’s heart, in particular, my heart needed to be clear of feelings and emotions from past relationships before entering into a new relationship with a daughter of the King.

By the age of 24, I found myself feeling far away from the man God was shaping me to be. I knew my life had so much more to offer than being this disoriented, skewed guy toward relationships.

I once heard someone say: “A vision of the future transforms how you live today.” So at the age of 24, for about a year and a half or so I went on a quest of singleness. I had no attachments or commitments. I was truly focused on sitting with God, being at His feet and allowing Him to pour into my heart.

I desired to grow as a leader and future husband. I took action. I began to surround myself with wiser, mature Christian married men with healthy marriages. I also prayed continually for the Holy Spirit to work on my heart and for God to continue to prepare me for the person that I would enter into relationship with. I was intentional on praying about the direction God wanted me to go in with choosing His best for my life.

Love Begins:

Back in 2007!
Back in 2007!

So there was this girl name Jasmine. Jasmine and I began to date back in 2007 at the University of Detroit. We had known each other since the 7th grade. (She always had a crush on me ; ) When I got to U of D in 07 to play basketball, she was there pursuing her education and she was apart of the cheer team. I always knew there was something different about her so like any other man on the planet would do, I began to pursue her. She was playing hard to get. I actually had to put some work in for this girl. After a couple of months of hanging out, getting to know each other, we jumped into a relationship.

Our relationship, like most started off great. There was much laughter, romantic dates, we were staying up all night talking on the phone, sending long lovey dovey text messages and so on. (This is when side kick was popping! If you don’t know what a side kick is, google it) A few months into our relationship, a few arguments began to pop up. I thought this is normal. This is what couples do. Then the arguments became apart of our relationship. All of a sudden we found ourselves having fall outs. We discovered something was not okay in our communication toward one another and instead of me seeking help, advice, guidance and counseling, I decided to break the relationship off.

Love Separates:

Jasmine and I were together for two years before I broke off our relationship in 2009. From 2009 – 2011 after our break up, we were messy. We were hanging out, texting, calling, getting jealous of each other when we would talk to and meet new people, continuing our arguing, etc…

Although I was a Christian at this time, I was 19 and 20 during our time of dating. As you learned in the beginning of this post, I was in the maturation process. At the same time, I was in the process of making mistakes after mistakes. Going from a child to a man, there’s a stage in there called puberty. I won’t go into detail, but you and I know there is a lot to learn during puberty.

Toward the end of 2011, Jasmine shared with me that she was done and she was moving on for good. She shared that she was tired of me playing games with her heart. I was thinking, “yeah whatever, she will continue to be around.” I’ve heard her say this before but for some reason, this time when she said this to me, it seemed to be serious. And she was. We stopped communicating. For 6 months, we were disconnected. We didn’t say a single word to each other.


Love Reconnects:

One day, in April of 2012, I got a text message from Jasmine wanting to talk. At this time, I was thinking, “what the heck does she want? I am sure she is working her way toward engagement by now with another guy, and she is about to tell me all about it.”

She insisted on getting together to talk. She had something she wanted to share with me. When we got together, she shared she still had deep feelings for me and she didn’t know what to do. By this time, I had spent the past 6 months of my life getting over the feelings I had for her, so this conversation came as a total shock.

After the conversation, Jasmine and I slowly began to rebuild our friendship. We were sure to take a different approach. An approach with healthy boundaries. We both had grown tremendously in our walk with God. From being away from each other and disconnecting ourselves, we allowed God to work on our hearts. (Thank God for that) And at this point in our journey, at the end of April of 2012, I had moved to Benton Harbor, MI to serve in ministry (2 hours & 15 min away from Jasmine).

On December 31, 2012, Jasmine and I were at the church I served at, Overflow Church with about 40 – 50 people for a New Year celebration. I had asked her to join me in the sanctuary to go pray. She had no idea, I was going to ask her to court me after the clock hit midnight. (If you don’t know what courting is, click this link: Dating vs. Courting  As we went to the altar, I expressed my desire to court her. She said yes. We kneeled down and I prayed for our relationship.

The night I asked Jasmine to court

There came a point in my life where God helped me realize, that I cannot continue to call myself a man of God with integrity and continue to play and hurt this woman’s heart. I needed to let go of my childish ways.

5 months later, I found myself asking her to be my rib. To commit our love to an everlasting covenant. To hold my hand in marriage. For her to become my fiance. To take all of our flaws, our baggage and move forward, working together on the same team.

See proposal video below!

J. Scott proposing to Jasmine!

Proposing May 24, 2013

Love Goes On:

I have to be honest with you. Maturing and growing was not easy. I kept creating excuse after excuse, wasting her time and my time. I learned that it is easier to say, “God have control of our love and relationship,” then it is to actually live this out.

My friend, please hear me out. If you are a believer then you already know how desperately we need to depend on God. We need to live out our convictions and allow His life to flow through our relationship. We need to honor the word of God that we read with the way we treat one another and the way we live our lives.

So often I see Christian men and women in relationships confused, hurting each other, not willing to work out the difficulties of life together. (This was me!) We have to stop treating each other as enemies and continuing to say we love each other. This is not love my friend. Love keeps no records of wrongs and it does not harm. (See 1 Cor. 13:4-8)

If we don’t first love God, then ourselves, how can we expect to wholeheartedly love another person?

We will not always get it right. We will never arrive nor be perfect but we can share God’s love unconditionally with the person God places in our lives. We have to be willing to sit still and allow God to work on our hearts. We cannot fix our problems ourselves. We need God and people that have been in our shoes to help us grow into the people and couples that God desires for us to be.

So I will end with this:

Sisters: Don’t allow a man to come between you and God. Do not allow a man to run over you. Don’t waste your time chasing someone that does not want to be with you. Embrace your singleness. Seek God. Depend on God. He will come through. Pray hard and allow God to work on your heart.

Brothers: We have to do better. God has called us to be leaders. We need to take care of our sister’s heart. We have to stop playing games. We need to know what we want. We need to be Christ-centered, love focused, with a heart full of integrity, living with diligence in our daily lives.

Sisters: So what is it going to be my sister? Are you going to let God have control of your heart and relationships? Will you be honest about your struggles? Are you going to choose God’s best for your life or are you going to continue to waste his time and yours?

Brothers: So what is it going to be my brother? Are you going to let God have control of your heart and relationships? Will you be honest about your struggles? Are you going to choose God’s best for your life or are you going to continue to waste her time and yours?

She got the ring and we moved on!

As men of God, we are entitled to treat a woman like the daughter of God that He created her to be. I pray we can lead the way for our generation and for future generations.

It came to a point where, God impressed upon my heart, “marry her or move on!”

P.S. What are your thoughts toward love? What do you need to submit to God? Would love to hear back from you!

80 thoughts on “Give Her A Ring Or Move On!

  1. Beautifully written! It’s so important that you two separated & allowed God to work on you two individually. (You probably didn’t know that’s what He was doing at that time) I’m always amazed at how God works! I’m glad He saw fit to bring you all back together. You two make a beautiful couple, and I pray this story speaks volumes in the lives of other young couples struggling in this area. May God continue to mold and develop your marriage to be examples for others to see!

    1. Keturah,

      You are awesome. Thank you. Thanks for pointing out how God was working on us when we separated. I didn’t think He would bring us back together after the last disconnect. Of course, God knew other wise. I appreciate your comments and encouragement. Be blessed as well in your marriage!

  2. Great post. Thank you for the transparency. You should do a post elaborating on how having a lot of options is a distraction or isn’t helpful. You are definitely blessed to find your rib. Much favor will be added to you.

    1. SheIsSingle,

      Thank you. You are welcome. I will be sure to touch on the distractions options brings at some point. I know there are others that have faced and are facing similar situations. Thanks again for reading and for providing feedback.

  3. Wow!! Great! Thanks for sharing, J Scott. Can I share your posts on my singles blog..with credits, of course, lol? Mine is Hoping for a positive answer, hehehee. Keep up the good work and may the Lord strengthen your hands in His vineyard.. Thanks and God bless!

    1. Lilly,

      Of course you can share! Thank you for reading and for the great encouragement. It’s highly appreciated. I will be sure to look up your blog. I cannot wait to read your posts. God bless you! #KingdomWork

  4. Wonderful Wonderful story and testimony I love every bit of it. God bless you both on many years to come. Make me think about me and my bf relationship , I been with him since I was 16 and now I’m 28 we had our ups and downs through all these years. We have a 7 year old little girl and one on the way. Only thing we missing is MARRIAGE !!! I’m ready but I’m not sure he is….
    Any advice….

  5. Interesting read……..
    I’m dating a wonderful man and we have been dating for 2 years now. I’m 35 and he is 34 and I struggle with understanding how long I should “wait” for him to pop the question. Should I have a time limit? Do I just wait and wait? Since he treats me great, should I be okay with waiting even if it takes years and years. I struggle with this…I will just continue to pray.

    1. Kysha,

      Thanks for sharing with me. If I were in your shoes I would want to know his long term vision for your relationship. Does he want to take the relationship to the next level. I would suggest creating open and honest conversation together just to understand where each others hearts are. You are not trying to intentionally put the pressure on but you want some affirmation. If you desire marriage this is something I believe should be talked about with your spouse. Have patience, continue to pray and talk it through. Much blessings on your love journey!

  6. What a beautiful story and testimony. I look up to the two of you so much. This is happening to me right now but…im ready, he isnt. And its time to move on, sadly. I love God and I want a man that loves him too. Thanks for sharing this amazing story with us.

    1. Jameea,

      God bless you. Thank you for sharing. I admire your obedience to God. Continue to press in and listen to His voice. He will never steer you wrong. It gets hard some time but what I have realized throughout life is stop wasting other peoples time and my own. Continue to have a heart of courage!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story! I really needed this! It made me realize that I’m not where I should be in Christ! Now it’s time to put Him the center of my life and embrace the single life until the Godly man that is meant for me come my way!
    Thanks agaim!

    1. JasV,

      Amen. Proud of you and I think you have the correct mindset to go about singleness. Singleness is such a gift to us. Most people don’t embrace it and when they don’t they miss out on the true beauty of maturing and growing with God without having a significant other in their life. It’s a great time to focus on your relationship with God and prepare your heart for the one to come into your life. Blessings on your journey!

  8. Being a young woman that has recently began a new and flourishing relationship with God, I am struggling. I’m used to always having friends and being able to keep company of men. I recently moved from Detroit to Houston in means to start new. I found myself with few friends and no male company as I started to share my journey with God to the people around me. I’m not use to this and though I know God is working on me and I should be patient, being surrounded by Christians I’m surrounded by nothing but couples.. And then there’s me. This read gave me hope in my struggle that God is molding what’s for me and in the right time it’ll come. Great blog, many men should read.

    1. Stormee,

      Hey, I appreciate your heart and openness. I can imagine some of the mental and emotional battles you’ve been through. I actually think God has you in a great season to really learn from what’ around you. He has surrounded you with couples, and from the sounds of it healthy Christian couples. This is a great time for you to learn from them, ask questions and see some of their struggles. I know we all desire love and relationship but in our singleness God wants to fill the void and gap that others cannot. Continue to fall more in love with the Creator. During the hard nights, press in even the more. I will be praying God sends some single young adults that you can connect with. It does help having people that are like minded and kind of in the same boat as you. You got this though. God’s got you covered! Your story will be amazing!

  9. Your story is very enlightening on facing and standing in our own truth and doing the will that God has for our lives. I am a struggling single Christian woman and mother trying to learn to do God’s will for me and it get hard at time but just knowing the love of Christ help me get through one day at a time and your blog has inspired me to makes some changes in my choices in which I have been making, so with that I want to say, “thank you” and keep living for Christ. I give all honor and glory to God for seeing your blog and God’s continued blessings to you, your wife (Jasmine) and your family!

    1. Lavette,

      You’re awesome! You got this! Thank you for the encouragement and blessings. God knows exactly what we need. I love how He works, speaks and pours into our lives. Just shows how much He cares for us. Continue in your struggle to move forward. Struggling, can simply mean you are having some challenges and with these challenges they are strengthening who you are. Continue to be the best example for your daughter. Continue to posture your heart on God. Allow Him to take your relationship to the next level. I look forward to hearing your story in the future. God bless you!

  10. Wow! All I can do is shake my head. This really nourished my spirit and has given me more motivation to get into God’s word and have a better relationship with Him. Thank you!

    1. Sandy,

      That is awesome. I thank God for this. I am praising Him for the growth that is coming your way. There will be challenges that come as well but these challenges will help you grow closer to God. Thanks for taking the time out to share your heart. God bless you!

  11. Awesome, awesome and even more AWESOME story!! God bless you and your rib my brother. It’s very inspiring and it was a true delight to read. I have my rib and we are in a struggle right now(separated but working through it), but with God I know anything is possible. We will make it through. The part where you guys didn’t talk got to me, because we were at that point for a little while. Keep the posts coming and work on those books.

    1. Tone!

      Great to hear from you bro. Thanks for sharing man. Like you said, God can work it out. Continue to be open with each other, practice good healthy conflict resolutions, have patience and depend on God. It gets hard at times but what we have to learn and continue to remind ourselves of, we are on the same team! We may get into it but still we fight together and not against each other. This has helped us tremendously.

      Thanks for the reminder of the books. I got one in the works with a couple E books that I am going to put out first. Looking forward to publishing! I will be praying for you two. God bless bro!

    1. We were young, financially unstable, still trying to figure out life and our purpose. I can’t imagine getting into a marriage at that age. We were not good at resolving conflicts and arguments. We still had a lot of growing to do and baggage to empty. I am thankful for God’s providence! Thanks for asking.

  12. I was in a relationship for 7 years with a man I really loved, flaws and all. He kept promising marriage and even went as far to buy me a ring, but nothing ever materialized. I told him one day it’s going to be the end because I will not allow you to drag me further and further into sin (we were shacking) one day you will look up and I will be gone.

    A series of events lead to .e being homeless, and I knew I should have given him that ultimatum and acted on it yeeeears before. I finally broke it off, he was very hurt and I even more because I feel like I wasted years loving someone who never had any intention to marry me…that’s a hard pill to swallow.

    1. Yolanda,

      Thanks for sharing. You are right, that is hard to work through. I know it got hard for you but you did what was best for you. Often times what is best is the hardest choice to make. I am sure you’ve learned tons and have grown significantly from that past experience. Continue to allow God to soften your heart and heal. He has greater in store for you. Continue to be obedient!

  13. Such a great article. Men & women alike would be truly blessed to read and apply this to their own lives. As for me, I’m in that place of letting go and letting God. I feel like I’m fighting for what I want than what God wants for me. I’m learning to just sit down and let Him take over. That doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t ache, but wanting what I want, when I want it has NEVER worked for me and as much as we may love each other; my needs are not being met. So I ask myself, who is Lord of this situation, God or me? I already know he answer as I’m sitting down…..

    1. Nancy,

      So powerful! Thanks for sharing. Obedience over sacrifice right? Throughout my Christian journey I had to suffer significant in this area. Wanting to do my thing, and make choices that I believe were best for me versus what God’s best for my life. These are not easy battles to fight and often times we choose against God. Crazy right? I’ve been there though. The enemy worked hard against me in this area. Eventually, like you said, I had to let go and let God. It’s freeing to actually know and experience He wants what best for our lives. Long suffering is a fruit of the spirit. In the suffer, peace is granted and God is being glorified. Continue to bring Him glory with your suffering. He’s got it worked out for you. All you have to do is walk into it. (Ephesians 2:10) God bless!

  14. I am deeply thankful I was able to be engligtened on your experience. It truly inspires my thought and heart process. Congratulations and I pray God continues to bless your Union.

  15. Thank you for posting, sounds all to familiar. Had to stop lying to myself and let it go. This gives me hope though and still believing God for this in my life. God bless you both!

  16. This was so great to read. I’m 25 years and began following God truthfully about five years ago. I actually broke up with my last boyfriend because God told me to. I knew his heart was far from God but I continued to engage in the relationship because it was what I thought made me happy. We still speak to one another but anytime I mention courting he doesn’t believe people actually do it. It’s difficult to be single Christian woman yet I’m grateful for God’s grace during this time.

    Once again thank you for sharing. I pray for a happy and fruitful marriage for you and Jasmine.

    1. S. Ross,

      I appreciate you. Thank you. I understand where you are coming from. I’ve been there before. It is not easy to do but definitely worth it in the long run. Obedience sometimes is not the easiest, most fun choice to make but at the end of the day we can’t compromise our relationship with God for someone else. I pray God overflows your life with love. God bless my friend!

  17. Reblogged this on My Life. His Gospel. and commented:
    Sisters: Don’t allow a man to come between you and God. Do not allow a man to run over you. Don’t waste your time chasing someone that does not want to be with you. Embrace your singleness. Seek God. Depend on God. He will come through. Pray hard and work on yourself harder.

    Men: We have to do better. God has called us to be leaders. To take care of our sister’s heart. To stop playing games. To know what we want. To be Christ centered, love focused, heart full of integrity with much diligence in our daily lives.

  18. To God Be the Glory!! Thank you for sharing. There are so many that never get that our lives are truly led by God. I pray blessings in abundance to you and your rib. Waiting for the books!
    Wonderful inspiration.

  19. Such a beautiful story to tell your great grandchildren one day! My son married his first love three years ago, I have a beautiful six month grandson who I will probably never be able to see. She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, claiming Christ as her love. She started divorce proceedings a month after Atticus was born and is refusing to let anyone on “his” side have any contact with the baby. She stopped going to Christian counseling because she didn’t like what the counselor suggested (she went two sessions). Pray for a God moment for her, my heart breaks for my son and grandson. May God continue to bless you and Jasmine.

    1. Lisa,

      Sorry to hear of this. Lifting you up in prayer now. I can imagine all of the hurt and emotions behind this. Praying for God to soften her heart and for better decisions to be made. We need more love and support in our lives and I’m praying you all get just that. Thank you for sharing.

  20. That’s beautiful. What God has for you is for you. He will hold together until you get it together. What a mighty God we serve. Congratulations to you both and may God bless your union.

  21. J your story was truly an amazing read

    Bought tears to my eye, how God work in amazing ways.

    I’ve been a relationship off and on for 10 year, when I finally decide to move on. There was a promise of marriage, but no action it was actually going to happen. I finally had enough and gave up the dream of marriage and having another child. Reading your story made me realize I need to build a closer relationship with God, instead of drifting away from my father, because I’m hurting.
    Thank you for showing that in time like this god love and a relationship with him is the only curse to mending a broken heart and moving on to life that is fulfilling.

    1. Alicia,

      Thanks for sharing. Yes, often times through hurt and pain we draw ourselves away from God when actually we should allow the pain and hurt to draw us closer to Him. I am thanking God in advance for your next level relationship in Him. Praying for His grace to overflow in your life. May He wrap you in His arms so you experience the Father’s love like never before!

  22. I really enjoyed this post and I think a man should allow God to move in his life before he decides to move in a woman’s life. Women should seek God wholeheartedly as well. Thanks for sharing your story.

  23. Everything is nice in the beginning of a marriage. Im taking your still young. Its easier to say that when you havnt spent time in that situation. Be careful who you give credit to. You stated god was impressing on you to marry her or move on. Well you did move on and yet she came back and you got married. God never gives us options. If he says marry then he means that. Not marry or…. The devil has experience in speaking into our thoughts. Indeed if you love a person, no matter what happens you always end up back with each other, start looking into taking the step forward. The reason why a persons spouse was chosen for them back then was because experience and wisdom. Us younger folks tend to mistake lust and the consequeces of sin to be love. When the bible clearly states love is patient love is kind. It does not envy nore keep any record of wrong, which is forgiving. So if your not patient with each other, cant forgive and move on, and you dont brag about what you bring to the table and what they dont then love is not their. Us men need that love principle taught well. Then we will see more successful marriages and commitments among men and their women.

    1. Jdworld,

      I appreciate you taking the time out to share. When I said I sensed God impressing on my heart to marry or move on we were courting during this time, this was not during our 3 year separation. It was God’s love and love in general as you shared that allowed us to overcome obstacles so that we could move forward together. God gets all the credit for the work He has done. We are thankful He saw fit for us to come back together and unite as one.

  24. Wow ! Thank you for sharing your story, it opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of what trusting God should look like when it comes to my relationships. Definitely a tear jerker for me. I’ll be on the look out for more 😊 Be blessed !

    1. Michelle,

      Thank you for reading and sharing. Thankful for the many ways God has used Jasmine’s and I’s story to help others see the importance of growing closer to God. We appreciate you. Continue to press into the Father’s love.

  25. I love this story, I appreciate how God move people in and out of “our ” lives for a reason. I’ve been in a relationship for 9 long years no ring, little conversation on the subject,simply nothing. Kinda in limbo!! Because something is asking me to discontinued this relationship. But, something is also saying to stay. In my mind though I feel I’m afraid to be alone. Please give some sense of direction. Thanks

    1. Sherika,

      Thanks for being open and honest. I believe the fear of being alone is keeping you in a relationship that God may have released you from. I would pray, fast, seek the Holy Spirit’s wisdom. The Father has a greater love than what man can offer. Seek that love for your life. Ask God to give you the wisdom and strength you need to make the best choice. Don’t waste time if you two are not going to work towards a marriage. Its not worth it.

  26. This made me cry what an amazing story the first time I met your wife she was incredible and amazing didn’t know me from a can of paint but her and her mom welcomed me with love. I’m very glad that you got your life together with God I’m working on getting back right with him myself. Thanks for the story I loved it what a beautiful couple God Bless you both.

    1. Daniea,

      Thank you. We appreciate you. Continue to press into God’s love and surround yourself with people that are doing the same. It helps having a Gospel community of friends that can help us when we are weak and struggling. I will be in prayer. Let us know how we can encourage. God bless.

  27. You know I was just writing this long email to my fiancé of 3yrs explain to him how I want to be able to depend more on him and how I want him to be more responsible and how I feel like there’s a weight that is so heavy and cannot be lifted but after reading your story and realizing it’s not him it’s me….I am strong believer and I know God can work out any problem or issues but most importantly I need to depend on God and not depend fiancé but I still want my fiancé to be more responsible and dependable just I just put that in God’s hands as well?

  28. This post truly spoke to me. My boyfriend and I are currently going through a tough time. He recently told me he needs time to get his finances in order, focus on God and becoming a better man. It’s crazy bc the day before he told me this I heard something say “he needs time”. It’s tough bc I have a very strong relationship with God but he states he has been disobedient to what God wants him to do in the past and he wants to do the right thing now. So I just lift him up in prayer and give it to God with the hopes God will bring him back to me.

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for sharing. I’ve been in your shoes. Rest in the fact and be encouraged he was courageous enough to be vulnerable with you. Most men are prideful in situations like that and mask the truth. God is in control and the more you pray about your relationship God will send peace. Continue to encourage him, pray for him and support him through this season. He needs it and you.

  29. This right here, is absolutely a love story written by God. Who for the records, is the best and the perfect love story writer of all time. My eyes got teary (tears of joy), just reading each line. It lifts heart to know that such beautiful journey is achievable in Christ Jesus.

    My heart lit with joy, just reading you talk in writing about God and your relationship with Him. A relationship that has made you a better person (and we know with God, it gets better by the minute)

    I am forever grateful to God for you. Your love story and your journey with God moved me to pray, tonight.
    And I know without a doubt, that The Lord, who brought you to himself (making you experience the miracle of his love and salvation) will bring many more men to himself. They will lead in light, be men of integrity, respect, love , and appreciate daughters of Zion, even as they love God and themselves.

    I pray that The Lord keep you and Jasmine, and continually make you a great example in the community of faith and beyond.

    I am more than happy to know this kind of love exist and it’s being lived by my brother and sister in The Lord.
    Many more unique love stories are being written right now. And I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, they will stand the test of time, Including yours.

    My love to you, First Lady. Thank you, for being so bold and sincere, oh great daughter of the King. Thanks for reminding me that women are emotionally and psychologically strong; amongst other strength we carry on our inside. Thanks for owning your space and not coming off as desperate. Thanks for being so patient. And thanks to you both for allowing God to guide you into a greater love adventure with Him and yourselves.

    Keep representing Christ as you enjoy the joyful bliss until the return of our savior and king. Much love.

    Yes, I am a non-apologetic single lady enjoying every bit of my singleness (which is a beautiful gift). But, I simply couldn’t move to pass such an inspirational story.

    So forgive my epistle.

    I couldn’t hold back expression. For I have perpetually been a believer that true love can only be found in God. No human being can love another without loving God first, and self. Thanks for this Godly love story, what I believe is pretty much reinforced and grounded now. Call me crazy ( Crazy for believing, is a cool compliment), for believing there are still fine brothers out there getting things right.

    J Scott is a genuine example of brothers getting it right and taking up the leadership responsibility as they daily submit themselves to leadership and love of Christ.

    My typing stops here. Smiles.

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to share your love and heart. You are greatly appreciated. I love how God works. He knows what is best. He is so gracious and patient with us. Continuing to love us and correct us so that we can be His witness to this world. Blessings!

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