The Power Within


This past Sunday I preached on the Holy Spirit. My sermon points were: Who or what is the Holy Spirit? The Role(s) and Work(s) of the Holy Spirit and the Commissioning and Receiving of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to share the teaching with you. Maybe you have had questions about the Holy Spirit or wondered why we need the Holy Spirit to live a life for God.

If you want, you can listen to the sermon here by clicking this link: The Power Within

If you would like to do a devotional with the sermon you can do so by going through what we call our Grow Sheet. This Devotional Sheet was produced by one of our leaders at Overflow Church

Grow Sheet:

John 14:13-14: John 16:7-8; John 14:16-18; John 16:13-15;
Romans 8:11; John 20:19-22; Acts 1:4-8; 1 Corinthians 12:3-11
Hebrews 13:5; Genesis 2:7; John 1:1; Ephesians 1:13;
Acts 4:31; Acts 9:7; Acts 11:24; Acts 13:9
The Holy Spirit is the third person in the triune God. The characteristics of the Holy Spirit are eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent and ever-present and without the Holy Spirit in our lives we cannot live for Jesus. When defining the roles and works of the Holy Spirit in our lives, He is our comforter, guide and conviction. He intercedes for us, draws us into relationship with Christ, transforms our lives, testifies on our behalf and dwells within us. Jesus breathed on His disciples and commissioned them to receive the Holy Spirit thus giving us His power within.

1. Read John 14:13-14. Jesus tells us that He will do whatever we ask in His name. Do you
need more deliverance, healing, comfort, wisdom, understanding, or strength? Ask Him and
He will do it!
2. Read John 14:18. Jesus promised that He would not leave us alone. Look at Hebrews 13:5.
In both of these verses, we are promised to never be alone. He will not leave you broken or
lost but will adopt you and dwell within you. What can this mean for you when you feel
broken, grieved, hurting or lost? Refer back to John 14:13-14.
3. Read John 16:13-15. The Holy Spirit is alive and active. Again, the Holy Spirit is ALIVE and
ACTIVE! He is your comforter, guide, truth-teller and conviction. The Holy Spirit intercedes
on your behalf, draws you into closer relationship with Christ, testifies on your behalf,
transforms lives and dwells within you. He brings spiritual life to the dead.
a. How can you increase the role of the Holy Spirit in your life?
b. How aware are you of the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life?
c. How can you be more fully present with Him to see His guidance?
4. Read John 20:19-22. Imagine how shocked the disciples were when Jesus stood in front of
them in physical and spiritual presence after having been dead. Read John 20:22 again. As
God had done in Genesis 2:7, Jesus breathed on His disciples and commissioned them to
receive the Holy Spirit. What do you need to let Him breathe life into in your life?
Read Ephesians 1:13 and ask yourself what steps can you take this week to respond to what the
Holy Spirit wants to do in your life?

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