The Gospel Became All About Me


Me – ology, although this is not a real word we will use it anyway to make a point. Ology, is a branch of knowledge or better known as the study of something. So, putting “Me” in front of “Ology” life becomes all about oneself. Now, lets bring in the Gospel. The Gospel, the good news about Jesus Christ, how God sacrificed His only begotten son, so that you and I can be freed from our sin, enter into right standing with God, and one day join Him in Heaven is not just about me, nor is it just about you. In fact, the Gospel is about God’s redemptive work through His Son Jesus. Somehow, we have taken the Gospel message and made it all about ourselves. We have made it all about “me.” And this I am guilty of.

The question now becomes, how does this beautiful Gospel message about love, grace, transformation, sacrifice, serving others, helping others, worshiping God, become bottled up into a self centered perspective? I believe and would suggest it starts with you and I having a self centered world view that my relationship with God is all about me. I am going to be brutally honest with you, it’s not about you. The Gospel is about God’s working through His Son Jesus. I know you may be thinking, I have these problems, I need God for this and that, and I hear you but again the Gospel is more than that.

I will lay this out there. I’ve been passionately walking with God for 10 years now. I have moments and I would say days where it is as though I have my hand out to God. I am sure you remember when you needed money from your parents, you would go, ask and put your hand out. Our relationships with our parents was more of a need based relationship. Meaning what can my parents do for me? At times I believe we treat God and His Gospel the same way. What can God do for me?

Here’s the deal. God’s Gospel transcends past our finite minds, enters into our wicked, sinful and dead hearts and gives us life. Why? It is because God desires to love and choose a certain people to be in relationship with Him. Therefore, let us not forget, God does not have to choose us to be with Him. Let us not turn His passionate Gospel into a “me” gospel. The Gospel should empower us to live out His Name, the Gospel should empower us to represent Him daily in our lives, the Gospel should empower us to share with others about this great love, the Gospel should empower us to stop making God all about us, when it is all about Him.

Let us kill off this me-ology worldview and turn back to our love-ology worldview with God. Let us turn back to the Gospel that is all about God’s great love being poured into His Son Jesus. The Gospel should not stop and be focused on us.

God bless!

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