You Complain Too Much!

Do you ever sit and think to yourself, “I complain too much!?” I know in certain seasons of life I can be a complainer. You know what I am talking about. We tend to say things like: life is overwhelming, I never get enough rest, there is not enough money to pay my bills, everyone is getting on my nerves, etc… The list of complaints can go on and on. The funny thing I find about complaining; the things that I find myself complaining over are usually the things that I either prayed for, I created or I wanted in my life. Think about it.

Whenever I get tired or I feel overwhelmed, it is usually because I stayed up too late, or I didn’t get enough rest or I didn’t balance my schedule right. I believe complaints are created and caused by you and I. Complaining is created by our response to life, situations, problems and circumstances. You and I have the choice not to complain. In is in our hands to speak a complaint or to not speak a complaint.

With this being said, stop complaining so much. Instead, respond with an action and a response that will allow you to continue to overcome to move forward. As Christian rapper Andy Mineo put it: “Make moves, don’t make excuses.” Does life get hard? You bet it does. Does life sometimes suck all of the energy out of you. It sure does. Does life make you want to squeeze all of the lemons in the world? I would hope so! Lemonade is good!

You get the point I am trying to make. You and I have the choice each day to make the best out of our day or to respond with half hearted responses and complaints. Listen, nothing comes to a complainer but complaints. If you want to make the most out of your days, be sure to eliminate the number of complaints that you send out to the Universe. “Our thoughts become our words, our words become our actions and our actions become our habits.” If you create good habits you will have great thoughts. When you have great thoughts, your words will be filled with life and positivity. Speak life! Stop complaining!

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