2017 was one of those years for me. Emotionally and physically I went through it. From getting sick early in March to battling with the sickness for the rest of the year put me on a rollercoaster ride I did not expect going into the year. I had aspirations that 2017 would be the year … More SOAR!

Believe In Me

I had just turned six years old. I remember my Dad handing me a brand new watch, which by the way broke the same day. I’ll save that story and my thoughts toward that watch for another time. Turning 6 was exciting. I was no longer in kindergarten. I now felt like a “big kid.” … More Believe In Me

Slow Down and Look!

Revelation. Epiphany. Illumined. Enlightened. Awakened. We all have these points in life where we hit either a road block, a pit stop, a stumbling block, our breaking point, rock bottom or a wall. It is in these moments, where I believe a message awaits us. When I was younger, when moments like these that I … More Slow Down and Look!

Dear, New Christian!

I can imagine what you are experiencing right now. The joy of finding Christ. The joy of God’s got it all under control. The joy of experiencing new freedom. The joy of release and breakthrough. The joy of something fresh and something new. The joy of being happy again. The joy of finding peace. The … More Dear, New Christian!